Assessment Report about the Legal Education Quality was Presented in Kharkiv

On February 6, 2018, the USAID New Justice Program presented the Assessment Report with recommendations following the Yaroslav Mudryi Law University external, independent, on-site, assessment of legal education quality.  The event was intended to discuss ways for implementing experts’ recommendations at this law school and nationwide.

Participants discussed policies of internal education quality assurance, processes of developing and approving curricula, student-oriented studies, teaching and evaluation methodologies as well as the process of selecting, recognizing, and attesting students. Following the presentation of the report, major opinions and recommendations on processes of assuring the legal education quality by established criteria.

The education quality was assessed by the Methodology developed by experts of the USAID New Justice Program. Participants of the event included representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Justice, University Administration, faculty members, and students. A decision was made to continue developing the internal system of education quality assurance.