Ministry of Justice Call Center Opened

Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko and USAID Regional Mission Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Susan  Fritz opened the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) call center.

The call-center will work on the basis of a new open office, equipped with the support of USAID, which also will allow MOJ experts and managers to receive citizens in person.

«In our work, we are guided by a simple philosophy – a public official is a hired employee paid from citizens taxes. Therefore, each public servant and all government agencies, in general, have to work for citizens, provide assistance to them in all day-to-day situations that require such assistance. We set a goal – to provide Ukrainians with convenient services. Today we are moving one step closer to that goal and are officially opening the MOJ call-center,» stated the Minister.

According to the Minister, before the fully operational call-center was created the hot lines specializing in various areas were working in the Ministry. The citizens actually did not have one single line they could call on any issue and get advice from the Ministry of Justice experts.

He stated that the center has been working in testing mode from July 18, 2017. During this time, more than 21 thousand citizens applied to the center (more than 18 thousand by phone, 1.4 thousand by e-mail and 1.8 thousand by submitting complaints).

«Every day the center employees process over 150 applications. One can get a consultation, leave an application or a complaint by calling 0 (44) 364-2393 or by sending an e-mail at I’m convinced that the opening of this center will bring justice closer to Ukrainians,» concluded Pavlo Petrenko.

Susan Fritz in her turn stated: «We acknowledge the Ministry of Justice’s commitment to providing accessible and customer-oriented administrative services to the public. USAID is no less pleased to provide support for the establishment of this call center to ensure that Ukrainian citizens have access to public information about justice services and receive prompt responses to their justice related needs. The United States looks forward to seeing continued progress in reforming justice-related services in line with the expectations of the Ukrainian people. USAID stands ready to support you in this important endeavor».

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