Odesa Oblast Judges Learned about Peculiarities of Considering Cases related to Domestic Violence

The La Strada-Ukraine NGO, a USAID New Justice Grantee, in cooperation with the National School of Judges and the Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces held a two-day training for judges of the courts of the first and appellate instances of Odesa Oblast as a part of the training course “Peculiarities of Considering Cases related to Domestic Violence”.

The event took place in Odesa as a part of a week-long training of judges of local general courts. The training participants got acquainted with the definition of the phenomenon of domestic violence and its types, discussed the issues of the domestic violence impact on the victims, children and society, reviewed the changes in national legislation in the area of prevention and combatting domestic violence and leaned about international standards in this area. They also discussed the issue of the perception and understanding by judges of the problems of domestic violence and the impact of gender stereotypes on their solution.