Areas of Activity

Strengthening Judicial Independence and Self-Governance

Judicial independence is central in a democratic society governed by the rule of law. It guarantees that everyone has a right to fair trial. International standards related to judicial independence require the government to safeguard institutional and personal guarantees for judges to demonstrate respect for the civil rights of citizens. A very important role also belongs to judicial self-governance in fostering the ability of each judge to resist improper pressure and promote a no tolerance policy to violations of the separations of powers. Under this objective, the USAID New Justice Program works to strengthen judicial independence and self-governance by supporting constitutional,...

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Increasing Accountability and Transparency of the Judiciary

Judicial accountability and transparency are the counterweights to judicial independence. Implementation recent constitutional amendments related to the judiciary created a solid legal framework for keeping judges accountable by imposing the duty to disclose on an annual basis their financial interests, income, and lifestyle information along with a report on their family members serving in positions in government and judiciary to prevent the conflict of interests on the bench. Increased judicial transparency also contributes to greater public awareness about the judiciary which is a key factor in fostering judicial independence and the rule of law. Under this objective, the USAID New Justice...

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Improving the Administration of Justice

Enhancing the administration of justice is a priority for Ukraine and is an essential element of strengthening the rule of law. The judiciary struggles to address shortcomings in budgetary planning and financial management, human resources, workflow processes, case management and court automation and enforcement of judgments, and needs to secure the resources necessary to administer an efficient, modern, and transparent court system. To enhance the administration of justice, Ukraine’s judicial institutions need to apply innovative quality management principles, assess business processes and improve operations’ efficiency, especially regarding the courts’ case management system, data processing, budget formulation and further the professional...

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Raising the Quality of Legal Education to Meet the Professional Requirements of the Judiciary

Quality legal education is a fundamental prerequisite for a well-functioning legal profession and the rule of law. At present however, legal education in Ukraine does not equip students with the solid legal knowledge, soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and compassion, or the professional values such as respect for the rule of law, integrity, zero tolerance for corruption and conflict of interest, loyalty to clients, and non-discrimination, especially with respect to gender equality, which are required in today’s job market. Ukraine’s legal education system lacks comprehensive quality assurance mechanisms and even minimal standards for legal education and accreditation. Addressing...

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Expanding Access to Justice and Protection of Human Rights

Respect for human rights by the judiciary makes the courts more accessible, credible, legitimate, and effective in protecting rights, guarding against predation, and helping to assure an environment in which participatory democratic societies can flourish. Advancing human rights policies is fundamentally linked to the improvement of justice sector operations. Human rights have to be protected by the judiciary through the fair and proper implementation of domestic laws in light of international and European standards. To address these challenges, the USAID New Justice Program focuses on assisting the Government of Ukraine in removing obstacles for citizens to access the justice system....

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