About the Program

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Nove Pravosuddya Justice Sector Reform Program (New Justice Program) started implementation in Ukraine in October 2016.

The program is designed to support the Judiciary, the Government, the Parliament, the Bar, Law Schools, Civil Society, Media and Citizens to create the conditions for independent, accountable, transparent, and effective justice system that upholds the rule of law and to fight corruption.

The USAID New Justice Program builds upon the success, partnership and efforts of the USAID Ukraine Rule of Law Project (UROL) and FAIR Justice Project (FAIR) and coordinates activities closely with Ukrainian counterparts, USAID, U.S. Government and other donor projects and implementers in Ukraine.

Our mission

To promote Ukraine’s democratic development and economic growth by helping establish a fair, accountable, independent and transparent judiciary.

Our vision

We work to form an independent judiciary with strong leadership that is trusted by the Ukrainian public.

New Justice Program focuses on five main objectives:

  •  Strengthen judicial independence and self-governance;
  •  Increase accountability and transparency of the judiciary;
  •  Improve the administration of justice;
  •  Raise the quality of legal education to meet the professional requirements of the judiciary;
  •  Expand access to justice and protection of human rights.
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