Data-Driven Justice Hackathon


June 8-9, 2019, 10:00
Kyiv Lviv Odesa

Ministry of Justice with support from the USAID New Justice Program will conduct Data-Driven Justice Hackathon to collect ideas from start-up developers on innovative solutions to improve services provided by the Ministry and expanding access to justice.

Specialists in the sphere of software development, jurisprudence, and web design will work intensively together for two days to find solutions to pressing problems faced by the society in the field of access to public services and the protection of the rights of citizens. Specifically, the Hackathon participants will deal with issues associated with simplifying a mechanism for checking utility bills, analyzing statistics on free of charge legal aid, designing tools to assess individual legal needs, informing potential recipients on the eligibility for child support and free of charge legal assistance, informing internally displaced persons on their rights, streamlining a search for information on legal advice for people without a legal background, adapting official web sites to needs of people with disabilities, developing an on-line platform for protecting such people’s rights and on-line platform for dispute resolution through mediation, and developing an on-line mechanism for challenging violations in the sphere of consumer rights protection.

Winners of the Hackathon will have the possibility to go through a six-month acceleration process and can potentially contribute to developing and improving electronic services provided by the Ministry of Justice.

Venues: PRAVOCATOR Сlub, 80 Dmytryvska Str., Kyiv; PRAVOCATOR Сlub, 61 Velyka Arnautska Str., Odesa; PRAVOCATOR Сlub, 1-3 Kostomarova Str., Lviv.

Follow the link to find the details.