I HAVE A RIGHT! Festival on the Occasion of the International Day for Protection of Children


June 2, 2019, 11:00

The Ministry of Justice and Kyiv City State Administration in cooperation with the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Provision, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, UNICEF and civil society organizations with support from the USAID New Justice Program, as a part of I HAVE A RIGHT! Project, will hold a festival on the occasion of the International Day for Protection of Children. This holiday, which is celebrated every year on June 1st, was established by Women’s International Democratic Federation on its November 1949 congress in Paris. For the first time, the International Day of Children’s Protection was observed in 1950 in 51 countries whereupon the United Nations supported that initiative and declared protection of children’s rights, life, and health a priority area of its activities. The year of 2019 marks the eleventh anniversary of setting this holiday in Ukraine.

For the purpose in raising the public awareness of legal matters, the USAID New Justice Program will sponsor the play contest for children titled “Familiarization with a Court” and interaction game discussion “Spravedlyvtsi” (Fair People) to be conducted as part of the festival. Overall, the festival organizers offer 15 locations for children and adults where they will administer quests, games, and master classes on legal topics, legal quizzes, free of charge consultations and lecture on children’s rights.

Venue: Taras Shevchenko Park, Taras Shevchenko Blvd., Kyiv.

Festival Program