Webinar “Taking the Bench: Interactive Webinar for New Judges”


June 7, 2021, 17:00

The National School of Judges, with assistance from the USAID New Justice Program and in cooperation with the National Judicial College, Reno, USA, offers a series of open webinars on various topics for judges, judicial clerks, and court staff.

The next webinar in this series – “Taking the Bench: Interactive Webinar for New Judges.”

The National School of Judges of Ukraine, supported by the USAID New Justice Program, develops and updates curricula and manuals for judges, judicial candidates, and court staff on judicial ethics, drafting court judgments, communications, leadership, etc. One of the developed manuals is To Be A Judge for judicial candidates and newly appointed judges.

During this webinar, U.S. judges will share their experience with participants focusing on how to adjust the thinking and behavior inherent in the previous work, to comply with the requirements for the position of a judge; on what it means to be a judge; on the ethical requirements in transitioning from the law-related positions to the bench; on general courtroom management aspects; on what judges do in their offices, and on what judges should and should not do ethically in both their professional and personal lives.

After this 120-minute webcast, participants will be able to:

  • Know issues that new judges face in transitioning from the previous job to the bench;
  • Describe what judges can expect to experience in their hearings;
  • Identify how judges can prepare for their hearings outside of the hearing room;
  • Recognize ethical issues that judges commonly face in their work.

Working language: English. Simultaneous translation into Ukrainian will be provided.

The webinar will be conducted on the Zoom platform. You can join the meeting at this link.

Please update your Zoom client/application (https://zoom.us/download) to ensure the availability of new translation settings.

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