Grant Competition on Civil Society Monitoring of the State of Compliance with and Respect for Human Rights by Local Self-Government Bodies

USAID Nove Pravosuddya Justice Sector Reform Program announces a competition for Ukrainian non-governmental organizations for grant application to conduct civil society monitoring of the state of compliance with and respect for human rights by local self-government bodies.

The goal of this activity is to support civil society institutes in monitoring how local government bodies respect human rights.

The USAID New Justice Program intends to provide from 1 to 3 grants, each UAH 350,000 worth. The size of the specific grant shall be determined through negotiations taking into account specifics of the activity/project financed by grant money and it may exceed the limited amount. The expected project implementation period is up to 6 months, starting approximately with April 1, 2018. The applications must be submitted in electronic and printed format no later than March 16, 2018, by 6:00 p.m.

Request for applications, required forms and Q&A can be downloaded below.

4_Annex_Grantee Applicant Self Assessment Form_NJ_ukr.docx