A Round Table to Raise Sign Language Interpreters’ Legal Awareness of Judicial Procedures and Services

On February 7, 2020 the USAID New Justice Program grantee, non-governmental organization “Law and Democracy”, in cooperation with Ukrainian Society of People with Hearing Impairments, held a round table to raise sign language interpreters’ legal awareness of judicial procedures and services. At the round table, civil society activists presented grant project results on improving legal and court terminology used by sign language interpreters participating in court proceedings. The round table participants including the judiciary representatives discussed how the Ukrainian Society of People with Hearing Impairments could cooperate with courts and State Judicial Administration of Ukraine to improve informing of judges, court administrators, and sign language interpreters on a mechanism for engaging the latter in court proceedings and paying for their services. Development of proposals on amending the legislation on participation of sign language interpreters in court proceedings is an important outcome of the said project.