Announcement of Results of Competitive Selection of Applicants for Rule of Law Certificate Program in 2019-2020

The Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, in cooperation with the University of South Carolina (USA) and with support from the USAID New Justice Program, hereby informs that 215 applications for participation in the Rule of Law Certificate Program have been received.

The selection committee has selected the following individuals as participants the Rule of Law Certificate Program:

  1. Vira Mykhailenko;
  2. Kostiantyn Kharakoz;
  3. Vitalii Kryklyvyi;
  4. Eduard Syromiatnykov;
  5. Victoriia Lavrova;
  6. Yevhen Petrov;
  7. Yana Syrotnikova;
  8. Taras Romaniuk;
  9. Serhii Melnychenko;
  10. Oksana Oliinyk;
  11. Olha Pevna;
  12. Taras Semkiv;
  13. Oleksandr Lebed;
  14. Olesandr Teperyk;
  15. Valerii Zhydkov;
  16. Liudmyla Hrytsenko;
  17. Lesia Kliarovska;
  18. Dmytro Kuzin;
  19. Tetiana Larionova;
  20. Yaroslav Iliin;
  21. Hanna Vronska;
  22. Volodymyr Samardak;
  23. Maryna Zakharova;
  24. Kyrylo Anisimov;
  25. Kateryna Krasiuk;
  26. Victoria Hevtsi;
  27. Hanna Konovalova;
  28. Victoria Pazurchyk;
  29. Serhiy Chernolikhov;
  30. Olga Balatska.

Information for the selected participants:

 Please be advised that the first and second training sessions within the Certificate Program will be held during the five full business days in the city of Kharkiv from October 21 through October 25, 2019, and from November 18 through November 22, 2019, respectively.

 Attendance at both training sessions is mandatory.

The trainees will be provided with handout materials and meals. Those from other cities will be provided with accommodation.

The participants are expected to cover their travel expenses to/from Kharkiv at their own cost. Organizers may cover travel costs in exceptional circumstances. Proper conditions for training will be ensured for people with disabilities. Please confirm your participation in the Certificate Program on these terms and conditions by sending the confirmation letter at by September 27, 2019.

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