Chief Judge Leadership Training “Character, Credibility, and Leadership” Has Begun

The National School of Judges of Ukraine, with support from the USAID New Justice Program, has begun a three-day training seminar for chief judges of Ukrainian courts titled “Character, Credibility, and Leadership”.  Dr. Maureen Conner, Professor of Michigan State University, moderates and leads the event. Other presenters invited by the program include Chief Judge Timothy Tymkovich, United States Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit, and Justice Hanna Vronska, Supreme Court.

The participants consider leadership components in the context of the current status of the Ukrainian justice system, familiarize themselves with international studies of leadership characteristics and perception thereof, and learn how to formulate a common vision of court development, ensure efficient in-house cooperation, and develop a working environment which would facilitate implementation of innovations and new ideas for the purpose of enhancing court operations.


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