Chief Judge of the High Anti-Corruption Court Olena Tanasevych Presented the Results of the First Six Months of Operations of the Court

At a regular Rule of Law Donors and Implementers Meeting organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on March 4, 2020, Chief Judge of the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) Olena Tanasevych presented the results of the first six months of operations of the HACC and shared plans for the future development of the court.

The Chief Judge informed the meeting participants that starting from September 5, 2019 the HACC trial court received more than 250 cases from all over Ukraine, 56 of which were transferred to other courts for jurisdiction reasons. Three guilty verdicts have been delivered. 60% of cases registered in the court are at the trial and examination of evidence stages. The charges in the vast majority of these cases are related to accepting by an official an offer, promise of or receiving improper benefits, misappropriation or embezzlement of property, or taking possession of the property through abuse of power as well as abuse of office. For the period from September 5, 2019 through February 28, 2020 eight HACC investigative judges were engaged in judicial control at the pre-trial phase, having considered more than 3.5 thousand complaints, applications and motions.

During the same period, the Appellate Chamber received more than 500 appellate complaints related to jurisdiction issues and the review of investigating judges’ decisions as well as review of cases on the merits.

You can find Olena Tanasevych’s presentation here.