Community Justice Center is Opened in Odesa Oblast

A Community Justice Center was opened in Odesa Oblast on February 14, 2019. This project is intended to develop cooperation of courts and justice sector institutions with the local community for the purpose of increasing the public trust in the judiciary and other branches of power.

The project was initiated by the USAID New Justice Program’s grantee, the non-government organization “Association of Investigative Judges”. The Center staff will advise visitors on civil, employment, and family issues and also assist the community to solve social problems associated with granting of housing subsidies, calculation of pension benefits etc.

A number of practicing lawyers will receive visitors every day from 09:00 until 16:00. In order to receive professional advice, one needs to complete a questionnaire form, whereupon the administrator will forward a visitor to a professional adviser.

The Center staff members include not only professional lawyers but also mediators, psychologists, and retired judges. They will consider visitors’ requests together with partners – law enforcement agencies, local government authorities, and non-government organizations. Once a visitor has received primary advice, he/she may be forwarded to a relevant institution without having to wait in line.

Besides, the Center adviser will help visitors to write an application or complaint to a specific agency. Therefore, Ukrainians will be able to experience the rule of law in action.