Donors and Implementers Discussed Plans and Priorities of the Ministry of Justice for 2021

USAID supports the Ministry of Justice in implementing people-centered justice and effective legal regulation of issues related to dispute resolution.

During the Rule of Law Donors and Implementers Meeting held for the first time this year at the platform of the USAID New Justice Program, Deputy Minister of Justice Olena Vysotska presented plans and priorities of the Ministry for 2021.

Plans of the Ministry of Justice include further expansion of its work relating to wider implementation of alternative dispute resolution means (mediation) and improvement of activities of arbitration courts.

 All this is aimed at decreasing workload of courts and increasing the level of trust in the judiciary,” noted the

Deputy Minister of Justice Olena Vysotska.

Other important priorities mentioned by Ms. Vysotska include the following: establishing classic jury trial in Ukraine, introducing public consultations, creating an effective system of enforcement of court decisions, improving bankruptcy procedures along with automating professional activities of insolvency officers, establishing a reliable and accessible system of state registration, transforming the notary system.

The Ministry of Justice also intends to continue expanding access to services of judicial experts in 2021. Another priority consists in strengthening the legal capacities of communities by means of improving access to free secondary legal aid. It includes the development of mechanisms based on the free legal aid system aimed at preventing violations of human rights of people in contact or in conflict with the law.

Ms. Vysotska also dedicated time to considering issues in which she specializes, namely, bringing detention conditions for convicts and prisoners into compliance with international standards, as well as their effective correction without isolation from society.

After the Deputy Minister’s Presentation the USAID New Justice Program Chief of Party David Vaughn pointed out that the Program has provided expert support and will continue further discussing draft Law of Ukraine “On Mediation” that currently awaits second reading in the Parliament.

We have been closely working with the Ministry to improve the legal environment for commercial dispute resolution, including arbitration,” added

Mr. Vaughn.

Other key aspects of cooperation between the Ministry and the Program in 2021 should include support of the process of introducing a new model of the jury trial into judiciary proceedings, development of the institution of private enforcement of court decisions, and reform of the enforcement system in general, strengthening of capacities of the free legal aid network.

At the end of the meeting, participants had an opportunity to share and discuss plans of their projects for the nearest several months and identify common directions for further joint work.

The next coordination meeting is planned for 3 March 2021.