Ending of USAID New Justice Program’s Activities

Dear colleagues, partners, and visitors of the USAID New Justice Program’s website,

Due to the expiration of the implementation period of the USAID New Justice Program on September 30, 2021, this website and its content will not be updated. However, it will function as an archive for some time so that everyone is able to access materials in its sections including Video and Library.

We are greatly thankful for all interested in the Program’s activities and for those who supported positive changes to developing an independent, accountable, transparent, and efficient justice system in Ukraine during the last five years.

On October 1, 2021, the new USAID Justice for All Activity will begin, building on the achievements of the USAID New Justice Program and previous USAID Fair, Accountable, Independent, and Responsible Judiciary (FAIR) and USAID Combating Corruption and Strengthening Rule of Law in Ukraine (UROL) projects. We will let you know about the website of the new Activity creation.

See you soon!