Experts Identified Ways to Improve Stakeholder Cooperation for the Purpose of Reintegrating the Accused / Convicts into the Society

Judges, specialists of the Coordination Center for Providing Legal Aid Provision and Probation Service, and representatives of community justice centers held a panel discussion on prospects for developing problem-solving justice.

Victoria Pratt, an expert on criminal justice reform of the USAID New Justice Program and former Chief Judge of Newark Municipal Court, New Jersey, U.S.A, shared successful US experience in introducing courts which, when identifying reasons triggering offences, state in their decisions a need to make the accused take part in relevant corrective programs so that could assistance from psychologists and health workers. The participants learned success stories about such accused who managed to get rid of reasons behind offences thanks to measures taken by the court.

Keeping with the theme, the participants watched a video produced by the Court Innovation Center (USA) about Red Hook Community Justice Center and discussed the US experience in establishing and developing problem-solving courts.

As a part of discussion, representatives of community justice centers in Chuhuiv and Tatarbunary presented results of their activities in improving an access to justice by means of provision of local residents with a wide range of legal services, such as legal aid, medication, public education on counteracting domestic violence etc. The participants came to a conclusion about a need to intensify cooperation of courts, free of charge legal aid system, probation service, and other partners to improve rehabilitation of the accused / convict including underage ones.

Recorded lecture