Fourth International Anticorruption Workshop

On November 25-26, 2019 USAID’s New Justice Program is supporting the Fourth International Anticorruption Workshop in collaboration with Washington and Lee University Law School (Lexington, Virginia, USA) and four leading Ukrainian law schools. The students and faculty of these law schools are part of the international online Anticorruption course with Prof. Speedy Rice from the Law School of the Washington and Lee University.

The event was also joined (by skype) by Ms. Segal Gurowitz, UNODC’s Educational Program Manager, and her colleague, Alex Petkov, who presented and discussed with students a UNODC-based online module on Corruption Prevention and Combating Corruption which will be an important resource for both teachers and students.

When opening the event, David Vaughn, USAID New Justice Program COP, thanked the Program Partners for their fruitful long-term cooperation and emphasized: “The Program will continue to support the legal education reform in Ukraine in line with international and European standards and will promote the anti-corruption cooperation between law school of Ukraine and the United States.”

Prof. Rice is facilitating the student and faculty joint work in presenting elements of anti-corruption policies and practices currently implemented in their law schools, and in drafting a Model Anticorruption Policy and recommendations for Universities to be implemented based on Ukraine’s  legislation and international best practices.

Participation in the seminar enables the participants – students and teachers – to acquire new knowledge, skills and tools needed to further develop an ethical educational environment in Ukrainian law schools.

Venue: Academic and Educational Center of the National Yaroslav the Wise Law University., 84a Pushkinskaya St., Kharkiv.