High Anti-Corruption Court Judicial Assistants Are Undergoing Training in Professional Ethics, Communications and Opinion Writing

The National School of Judges, with the support of the USAID New Justice Program, is conducting a two-day workshop for High Anti-Corruption Court and its Appeals Chamber judicial assistants. The purpose of the training is to promote participants’ compliance with high standards of conduct and improve their communication and judicial opinion writing skills.

“Today’s event is a logical step in the great work of preparing and conducting a three-week orientation program for judges of the High Anti-Corruption Court, conducted by the National School of Judges with the support of international donors,” said Natalia Petrova, Deputy Chief of Party of the USAID New Justice Program. “It is of utmost importance that the court staff, and in particular the judicial assistants, also have the knowledge and skills necessary for the efficient operation of the court, which is in the limelight of the public scrutiny and in the subject of the public’s high expectations.”

Today participants of the event were exposed to the international standards of ethics of judges and court staff and national regulation in this area and mastered in practice the approaches to solving ethical dilemmas, identifying potential and resolving real conflict of interests. They also looked at the key elements that shape the public’s perception of the judiciary, analyzed their impact on the level of trust in courts, learned about the peculiarities of crisis communication and learned constructive behavior in difficult situations that may arise in court.

The second day of the workshop will be devoted to the procedural aspects of court decisions in criminal proceedings and to improving the skills of judicial opinion writing, in particular taking into account the requirements of the official business style of the language.

The training is conducted by teachers-trainers of the National School of Judges – Tamara Zakrevskaya, Coordinator of the Teacher Training Department, Larisa Trofimova, Judge of the Cherkasy Circuit Administrative Court, Petro Zaruba, Judge of the Darnytsa District Court of Kyiv, Dmytro Tkachenko, Judge of the Boryspil City-Rayon Court of the Kyiv Region and Oksana Kabysh, Researcher of the Teacher Training Department.