I HAVE A RIGHT! Festival Devoted to the International Day of Children’s Protection Is Being Held in Kyiv with USAID Support

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and Kyiv City State Administration, jointly with the Coordination Center for Provision of Legal Aid, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and non-government organizations with support from the USAID New Justice Program and UNICEF conduct a festival on the occasion of the International Day of Children’s Protection as part of I HAVE A RIGHT! Project.

Thomas White, Director of the Office of Democracy and Governance, Regional USAID Mission to Ukraine and Belarus, welcomed children and adults.

“Here today, we acknowledge government and civil society efforts in raising public understanding about the importance of child rights and providing access to legal services to protect children,” said Thomas White. “USAID through the New Justice Program is very pleased to support the Ministry of Justice in designing and implementing the “I HAVE A RIGHT!” Project and further expanding this successful initiative to focus on the rights of the child.”

More than 15 locations operate for children and adults. They host quests, plays, master classes, legal quizzes, free of charge legal consultations, and lectures on children’s rights. The USAID New Justice Program, together with the Ministry of Justice volunteers, administers the “Familiarization with a Court” children contest and interaction game discussion “Spravedlyvtsi” (Fair People).  Another partner of the USAID New Justice Program, the non-government association “Ukrainian Association of Judicial Self-Governance”, delivered justice classes which included screening of animated cartoons on legal topics for the purpose of familiarizing children with the role of a court in the society as an open and friendly institution which serves people by resolving disputes fairly.

Winners of the I HAVE A RIGHT! All-Ukrainian Contest of Children Drawings received certificates of achievements and prizes.

Program of the Festival