Improvement of the Process of Involving Citizens as Jurors in the Administration of Justice is Ongoing

The outgoing meeting of a working group on improving the process of involving citizens as jurors in the administration of justice was organized by the State Judicial Administration (SJA) with the support of the USAID New Justice Program.

Participants of the meeting discussed the results of the SJA’s work in improving the material and organizational support of the jurors, the analysis of the case law on the protection of the jurors’ rights and guarantees, as well as the development of a joint vision to continue the information campaign on raising the awareness of the jurors and the general public about the role of the jurors, their rights and obligations.

Moreover, members of the working group discussed the potential use in the courts of the manual with model issues designed to assist the jury in the decision-making process, analyzed the experience of other countries in involving jurors in the administration of justice, evaluated the options for better ensuring impartiality of jurors selection for consideration of a specific case, advantages and disadvantages of the existing model and questions on the optimal model of the jury institute for Ukraine, and determined the content and scope of legislative changes necessary for its effective functioning. As a part of the event, members of the working group also visited Primorsky District Court of Odesa to be acquainted with the successful experience of this court in organizing the attendance and work of the jury.

As a result of the meeting, its participants developed a common vision for the further activities of the working group on strategic planning, information work, improving the formation of the juror corps and improving the material and organizational support of the jury.