International Conference on “Model Solutions for Courts: Best International and Ukrainian Practices”

On February 20, 2020, Kharkiv hosted an international conference “Model Solutions for Courts: Best International and Ukrainian Practices” organized by the EU Pravo-Justice Project in partnership with USAID New Justice Program.

The conference participants that included representatives of the High Council of Justice, the Council of Judges of Ukraine, the State Judicial Administration, the National School of Judges and courts, discussed ways to improve the organization of courts’ operation, in particular in the areas of providing court services, working with vulnerable groups, court security, etc.

International and national experts also presented the best international practices and the initiatives that have already been successfully implemented in Ukrainian courts. Specifically, experts from the USAID New Justice Program and its NGO partners shared their experience in organizing and placing court information within a courthouse (the Convenient Court Project), enhancing the efficiency of the High Council of Justice processes through business process analysis, court performance quality management using a survey of citizens-participants to court proceedings, improving access to court and court services for persons with disabilities, including the initiatives of the Leninsky District Court in Kharkiv city.

Online streaming record