Laws on Relaunching the High Qualifications Commission of Judges and Reforming the High Council of Justice Came into Force

On August 5, 2021, two laws have come into force that are essential for judicial reform in Ukraine. The laws are aimed at relaunching the High Qualification Commission of Judges (HQCJ) (No. 1629-IX) and reforming the High Council of Justice (HCJ) (No. 1635-IX). The USAID New Justice Program jointly with the EU Pravo-Justice Project have provided expert support to the Parliament during both laws’ drafts consideration, ensuring their compliance with international and European standards. These laws envisage the relaunched HQCJ in new composition and the reformed HCJ to fill in with decent and professional candidates nearly 2,000 judicial positions that are currently vacant in courts nationwide, which constitutes almost one-third of the entire judiciary.

About the Law of Ukraine On Amending the Law of Ukraine “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges” and Selected Laws of Ukraine on Resuming Operations of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine (No. 1629-ІХ), you may read at the official website of the President of Ukraine.