Regular Rule of Law Donors and Implementers Meeting Was Held

Chief Judge of the High Anti-Corruption Court Olena Tanasevych and her deputy Eugene Kruk took part in the monthly Rule of Law Donors and Implementers Meeting. Speakers reported to international donor representatives on the current developments at the High Anti-Corruption Court including resolution of issues associated with the court premises.

As a part of the meeting, Denis Poltavets, Program Development Director of Aspen Institute Kyiv, familiarized the participants with activities of Aspen Institute Kyiv, an independent nonpartisan organization that supports values-based leadership, promotes a culture of dialog, and creates opportunities for sharing ideas. Besides, Mr. Poltavets presented the Institute’s latest initiative “Justice, Law, and Society” intended to foster development of an open and sustainable platform to support leaders being the moving force in the justice system reform.