Representatives of International Donor Community Familiarized Themselves with Ministry of Justice’s Priorities in the Sphere of State Registration

Deputy Minister of Justice on State Registration Olga Onishchuk presented major areas of the Ministry of Justice activities in this sphere at the regular Rule of Law Donors and Implementers Meeting, which was organized by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Ms. Onishchuk emphasized that enhancing state registration services including procedures, software, and professional training of relevant staff members is a priority task accomplishment of which will help to protect rights of property owners and entrepreneurs and counteract illegal takeovers. The current audit of state registers will make it possible to identify gaps and develop laws and regulations needed to eliminate them. In addition, the Ministry of Justice is planning to set up an Expert Office for Registration Matters in order to process owners’ complaints promptly and efficiently and enhance activities in the sphere of state registration. Other priorities of the Ministry of Justice include implementing an electronic notary system and ensuring that affordable high-quality notary services are available to individuals and companies.

Another participant to the meeting, Vice President of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine (NAMU) Kateryna Narovska, presented Mediator’s Basic Training Standard which was developed by the NAMU with support from the USAID New Justice Program and intended to ensure proper quality of mediation services in Ukraine. Representatives from the legal professionals and mediators community, law schools, judges, and notaries were engaged in development of this document which is currently open for signing by all providers of mediation training services. Besides, the event participants learned about activities of two more grant-funded projects in the sphere of mediation which are implemented with USAID support. Ukrainian Academy of Mediation is about to complete development of a textbook “Mediation in the Professional Activity of a Lawyer” for Ukrainian higher education institutions, while the Ukrainian Association of Family Mediators is in the process of implementing the family mediation development program at the regional level in cooperation with social services for children matters.