Start-ups’ Software Developers Came Up with Solutions Intended to Improve an Access to Public Services in the Justice Sector

The Data-Driven Justice hackathon, which was organized by the Ministry of Justice with support from USAID New Justice Program for the purpose for collecting ideas from start‑ups’ software developers that would streamline an access to justice for individuals, is over.

This event is a result of a long-lasting successful cooperation between USAID and Ministry of Justice in developing innovations in the justice sector in partnership with the civic society and business community.

During two days, the participants – specialists in software development, jurisprudence, and web design from Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv – developed solutions which streamline an access to public services in the justice sector and help people without a legal background including those from vulnerable categories to search for legal information as well as platforms for settling disputes or making transactions online. Specifically, the winner – a team of software developers with a legal background – proposes a solution for analyzing consideration of disciplinary complaints against judges’ actions. It enables a potential complainer to define criteria of satisfaction of his/her disciplinary complaint on his/her own. Therefore, people will be able to file better quality submissions with the High Council of Justice.

The Project, a platform for online dispute resolution by parties on their own or through a mediator, won the contest in Lviv. The winner’s team consists of five students of the Electronics and Computer Technologies Department of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

A team of youngest participants – students of the National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” – won the contest in Kharkiv. They developed an interactive game for high school students enabling users to acquire basic knowledge in law in game settings. A user (high school student) gets a role of a lawyer who gives advice on real cases.

Winners of the Hackathon will have the possibility to go through a six-month acceleration process and can potentially contribute to developing and improving electronic services provided by the Ministry of Justice.

The USAID New Justice Program facilitates government authorities’ interaction with the private sector whereby efficient information technologies are being incorporated in law. Two years ago, the Program supported the Social Boost non-government initiative for selecting and preparing Ukrainian developers for participation in the international acceleration program of the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law. In the future, the established partnership of the governments, civic society, and business community will facilitate development of the government capacities to manage sustainable programs efficiently.