Experts Discussed the Prospects for Ukraine in the Field of Online Dispute Resolution

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Council of Judges, National Association of Mediators and legal community participated in an expert discussion organized by the USAID New Justice Program, devoted to the use of modern technologies in dispute resolution.

The USAID New Justice Program international experts on justice and technology, Executive Director of the Civil Resolution Tribunal of British Columbia Richard Rogers and Legal Counsel of the Tribunal Lauryn Kerr, introduced the participants to the creation and operation of the first Canadian and global online court considering small claims, property claims not exceeding ten thousand dollars and road accident cases.

The event was aimed at discussing global models for the creation and operation of online courts in order to determine Ukraine’s prospects for online dispute resolution.

In particular, Deputy Minister of Justice Ivanna Smachylo noted that online platforms can become not only a useful tool for solving standard disputes, but also an analysis tool that can collect statistics for a specific category of claims and categories of disputed legal relationships. President of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine Diana Protsenko emphasized the urgency of introducing modern technologies in order to popularize mediation in Ukraine. Deputy Chairman of the Council of Judges Vadim Butenko noted that, given the existence of vacant judicial positions, the potential of online dispute resolution is gaining more and more support among the judiciary.

International experts, based on their experience, have advised paying attention to the user-friendliness and linguistic content of online dispute resolution tools, since complex legal terms and lengthy instructions may discourage potential users of the platforms.

The USAID New Justice Program will continue to support the idea of facilitating access to court services through the use of state-of-the-art technologies and will facilitate the implementation of online dispute resolution in Ukraine.