The First Comprehensive Professional Development Training Program for Managers of the High Council of Justice Secretariat has Come to an End

A series of training sessions has come to an end under a comprehensive professional development training program for managers of the High Council of Justice (HCJ) Secretariat, organized with the support of the USAID New Justice Program to improve professional level and management skills of the participants. The program included such areas as personal and team efficiency enhancement, leadership, HR management, internal and external communication, and strategic planning.

Improving professional level of the Secretariat will contribute to a more streamlined and effective work of HCJ as a constitutional judicial self-governance body. Igor Benedysiuk, HCJ Chairman, emphasized this at the end of the comprehensive training program. “The High Council of Justice will be able to operate successfully only when the HCJ staff structure will be stable when it retains it genetic memory,” he said. – Without these educational activities, without the unity and teamwork of the staff of the High Council of Justice, it is impossible to achieve the results that we aspire to achieve.” Additionally, the HCJ Chairman said: “Only on condition of creating a team of like-minded people, the HCJ Secretariat will be able to develop and successfully carry out the tasks assigned to it.”

In his turn, David Vaughn, the USAID New Justice Program COP, emphasized the importance of improving the special skills of participants in a series of training sessions. The USAID New Justice Program is happy to support the initiative of the HCJ leadership to conduct such training program,” he said. – With the HCJ acquiring new powers, the issue of professional development of its employees, which is the foundation of this body, becomes particularly important. We hope that the HCJ Secretariat staff will use the acquired knowledge and skills in their work to increase the efficiency of the work of the High Council of Justice for the benefit of the people of Ukraine”.

“Organic planned development, based on the responsibility of each participant in the series of trainings, will allow to keep that “high bar”, which was achieved through the implementation of this training program”, – emphasized Sergiy Pushkar, Head of the HCJ Secretariat, after the completion of the series of trainings.

The USAID New Justice Program is planning further cooperation with the HCJ in the area of professional development of its employees. During the final round table discussion of the results of the training program, the HCJ leadership, trainers and participants summed up each of the covered modules to develop a sustainable strategy for the further implementation of a similar series of trainings for all staff of the HCJ Secretariat.