The Orientation Course for Newly Appointed Supreme Court Justices was launched

The National School of Judges, in cooperation with international partners – the New Justice Program, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Canadian Embassy, the European Union and the Council of Europe – launched a five-day orientation program for 75 newly appointed justices of the Supreme Court.

In her opening speech, Natalia Shuklina, the Vice-Rector of the National School of Judges wished the newly elected Supreme Court justices to prove in practice their high competence and proper level of qualification, which would enhance their authority and confidence in the judiciary as a whole.

The event’s first day agenda developed with the assistance of the USAID New Justice Program, focused on the application of the rule of law principle in the Supreme Court case law and ensuring the unity of the latter.

Representatives of the donor organizations emphasized the public mission of the judicial position and urged the judges to care about their independence and integrity and serve loyally to the country and their fellow citizens.

The event participants listened to a video lecture by Lord Thomas Henry Bingham, Baron of Cornhill, who was the Head of the Judiciary of England and Wales (1996-2000). The lecture was devoted to the rule of law elements.

The Constitutional Court Justice, Serhiy Holovaty, in his lecture emphasized that the study and application of the rule of law principle in Ukraine is extremely important, since the Soviet legal doctrine stated that any person’s right is provided by the state, while the rule of law stems from the doctrine of natural law. According to the speaker, Ukrainian legal practice is developing based on European standards, which still require additional study by the domestic professional community. And it is just the reformed Supreme Court that should ensure the possibility of reliable protection of human rights through its fair decisions.

Throughout the day, the trainees’ peers acquainted the newly appointed justices with approaches to the rule of law application in the Supreme Court Grand Chamber practice through the decisions and procedural tools adopted by the European Court of Human Rights to ensure the unity of the Supreme Court case law.