The Program of Professional Development of the Ministry of Justice Directorates’ Staff Has Come to an End

Certificates awards to participants to the program of professional development of specialists of the Directorate for Human Rights, Access to Justices, and Legal Awareness and the Directorate for Strategic Planning and European Integration of the Ministry of Justice were held on February 11, 2019.

In the processes of developing training modules, the USAID New Justice Program cooperated closely with trainers and leadership of the Directorates to ensure that the training content meets needs and expectations of the program participants. Most demanded topics of the training included time management, strategic planning, and emotional intelligence. The trainees emphasized that their professional value for the Ministry was increased thanks to the program.

In view of its long experience of cooperation with justice sector institutions in professional development of the sector’s specialist, specifically, with regard to support of professional development of court administrators and leadership of regional justice departments and Secretariat of the High Council of Justice, the USAID New Justice Program will continue assisting public servants to develop their managerial competences, critical thinking skills, and strategic vision to ensure attainment of strategic goals of the justice sector development.