Training on Caseflow Management for Supreme Court Justices and Court Staff has Begun

The National School of Judges, jointly with the USAID New Justice Program, is conducting a training on caseflow management for justices and staff members of all cassation courts of the Supreme Court. The event agenda is designed to provide trainees with knowledge to manage caseflow in order to improve and increase the effectiveness of using Supreme Court resources in organizing consideration of cases.

On the invitation of the USAID New Justice Program, training is administered by recognized American experts, Hon. Hugh Hegyi, Judge of Maricopa County Superior Court, Phoenix, Arizona, and Dr. Giuseppe M. Fazari, Ph.D., Chief Administrative Officer for New Jersey Judiciary, Court Management Consultant, Higher Education Administrator. Among the domestic trainers are retired judges Galina Yurovska and Liliya Gutsal, Deputy Head and teacher of the TOT Department of the National School of Judges respectively.

The training program covers strategic planning of court operations, development of differentiated case management tracks, analysis of standardized indicators of efficiency of caseflow management, roles and responsibilities of a judge in this context.

The National School of Judges is planning to incorporate this training program in its plan for preparing appellate and cassation instance judges once it has been tested at this event and a team of trainers has been formed.