Ukrainian Catholic University Law School Launches an Innovative Bachelor’s Degree Program in Law with support from USAID

The Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) Law School has launched a new, legal practice-oriented bachelor’s degree program in law which is based on the Innovative (Model) Law School Curriculum that is focused on providing law students with the professional values, knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be a successful legal professional. The latter was developed in 2018 at the Ministry of Justice request with support from USAID.

As the model curriculum is more compatible with those taught at law schools in the EU and the US, the initial 50 students at the UCU Law School will be better able to actively engage in exchange programs at universities outside Ukraine.

“The USAID New Justice Program was happy to support the UCU Law School’s willingness to implement best international practices of developing such program Ukraine. So, we wish the law school every success in forming a great cohort of talented law students who will experience the new program benefits first-hand”, pointed out David Vaughn, USAID New Justice Program Chief of Party.

The student-centered and experiential education that they will receive will also prepare them to be more competitive in meeting the ever increasing demands of the legal job market.

“We would have never undertaken this project had not we felt that we have capacities together with our partners to develop both program and ecosystem for legal education in which not only content or knowledge but also experience would be translated. The experience of actions, interaction, and partnership; the experience of values; the experience of forming one’s own moral backbone; and, finally, the experience of freedom and justice”, stressed Professor Volodymyr Turchynovskyy, Dean of the UCU Social Sciences Faculty.

New Justice is cooperating with four other law schools across Ukraine in implementing different aspects of the Innovative (Model) Law School Curriculum as a tool for strengthening the overall quality of legal education while providing students with a better education which would meet requirements of the modern globalized world and new challenges.

The video recording of the presentation of the brand-new bachelor’s degree program in law at the UCU Law School is available here.