Ukrainian Delegation Took Part in the “Electronic Justice in Europe – 2018” Conference

The USAID New Justice Program supported the participation of Ukrainian delegation comprised of three members of the High Council of Justice (HCJ) – Vadym Belyanevych, Tetyana Malashenkova, Anatoly Miroshnichenko – accompanied by Deputy Head of the USAID New Justice Program Natalia Petrova in the conference “Electronic Justice in Europe – 2018” in Vienna, Austria.

The event was organized by the Austrian Federal Government at the end of the year of the country’s leadership in the Council of the European Union. Participants of the conference presented the experience of different countries in working with electronic files, court hearings and forensic examinations data used in the European Union. About 200 representatives of EU member states, EU institutions and Eastern Partnership countries exchanged views on this matter.

Speakers at the conference noted: wisdom of experience – in achievements. Since the judiciary in a democratic state is a guarantor of the legality and maintaining legal order, the information technology is designed to improve services for citizens and businesses and to promote better management of the related processes.

Innovative approaches should always be weighed against the rights, whereas the introduction of information technology in the work of the institutions of the legal system should be based on the public’s trust, pursue the goal of protection, security, predictability and responsible use. EU countries are fully integrating e-justice into the future. They have developed a roadmap for 2019 through 2023 and approved the “Charter for the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Judicial System and the Related Areas”.

Members of the Ukrainian delegation got acquainted with best European practices and lessons learned in the introduction of e-justice, trends of digital criminalistics and the advantages of using e-CODEX, the e-document flow platform, to determine the most appropriate technical solutions to be used in Ukraine. Taking into account the information received at the conference, HCJ members are working on systematization of the available in Ukraine elements of innovative solutions and on developing on their basis recommendations on improving judicial administration and improving access to court.