Ukrainian Judges Continue to Implement the Fair Trial Concept in the Practice of Domestic Courts

Ukrainian judges took part in the conference “Promoting the Rule of Law Through Fair Trial Standards” organized by the USAID New Justice Program together with The Ukrainian Free University and the German-Ukrainian Lawyers Association on June 14-15 in Munich.

During a professional discussion, the Supreme Court Justice Oleksandra Yanovska told about the Supreme Court practice of ensuring the right to a fair trial. The Constitutional Court Justice Serhiy Holovaty highlighted the issue of applying the rule of law in the practice of the Constitutional Court. Deputy Chief Judge of the High Anti-Corruption Court Yevhen Kruk spoke about the structure and jurisdiction of this court and the challenges associated with the confiscation of assets in Ukraine, and the High Anti-Corruption Court Judge, Markiian Halabala, dwelt in detail on the transparency and openness of the trial as the necessary condition for ensuring the right to a fair trial in Ukraine.

The judges from the US and Germany, German lawyers and scholars and representatives of the European Court of Human Rights also participated in the event. In particular, the Former President of the European Criminal Bar Association, Professor Holger Matt, shared the experience of Germany in developing the concept of a fair trial. A similar US experience was presented by, US Court of Federal Claims Judge Bohdan Futey, Washington, DC, US. The discussion participants exchanged views on promoting the concept of a fair trial in the European, American and Ukrainian practice, noting the importance of reforming the Ukrainian judicial system.