USAID Experts Exchanged Experience in Implementing Justice Sector Reform Programs

The USAID New Justice Program Team participated in a series of discussions with US experts on the rule of law and representatives of the USAID Rule of Law projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The purpose of the meeting, which was held in Kyiv, was exchanging experience, developments and best practices in the implementation of justice sector reform programs. In particular, they discussed the common challenges that various countries of the world face and the approaches to address those challenges. They focused on the issues of the effective use of innovations and internal resources, inter-sectorial cooperation, ensuring the sustainability of changes, as well as the introduction of solutions that have the scalability potential at the national and international levels.

The USAID New Justice Program have presented Ukraine’s experience in setting up a specialized anti-corruption court, reforming legal education, developing and implementing the world’s first rule of the law certificate program and introducing innovative technologies in the process of administering justice with USAID support.