USAID New Justice Program and Ministry of Justice Sign an Action Plan to Promote the Rule of Law and Expand Access to Justice

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and USAID New Justice Program (New Justice) signed an action plan that outlines priority areas for cooperation that will strengthen the capacity of justice sector institutions and improve access to justice services.

New Justice will support the MOJ in enhancing the legal and regulatory framework for the free legal aid system to increase the quality of services provided to citizens. MOJ and New Justice will also work together to improve the enforcement of judgments and streamline access to the private enforcement officer profession, as well as reform the jury trial system to ensure the right to fair trial and increase public trust and confidence in the courts through direct citizen participation. Additionally, New Justice will support the MOJ evaluating the underlying environment for commercial dispute resolution and identify solutions for improving the private arbitration and the adjudication of commercial cases, particularly those involving foreign investors. New Justice will further provide expert support to the MOJ in developing a strategy for countering “lawfare” to strengthen the Government of Ukraine’s ability to combat the use of law and litigation as a weapon during armed conflict. Finally, the MOJ and New Justice will continue promoting best practices related to juvenile justice to guarantee the protection of children’s rights.