USAID New Justice Program Congratulates the High Anticorruption Court on the Launch

The establishment of the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) is a significant step ahead towards combating corruption aiming at the efficient handling of corruption cases without any unlawful influence in line with the public expectations.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been facilitating this process since 2016. The USAID New Justice Program provided assistance to explore the world’s best practices of establishment and operation of anti-corruption courts, as well as status of judges of such courts. In particular, the Program arranged a study visit to Slovakia for the MPs and representatives of the judiciary and civil society. During the study visit, the Ukrainian delegation learnt about the activities of the anti-corruption bodies, including the peculiarities of setting up and operations of a specialized criminal court. In cooperation with its partners, the Program conducted a series of expert and regional discussions to inform the Ukrainian community about this experience.

Supported by USAID, the donor community has developed a common understanding on the basic principles for establishing the High Anti-Corruption Court in Ukraine. The USAID New Justice Program provided recommendations on developing the anti-corruption legislation and recommendations on administering the competitive selection of HACC judges to the High Qualifications Commission of Judges and High Council of Justice. It has also, along with other donor projects, provided assistance to the National School of Judges of Ukraine in launching the judicial orientation program tailored for newly appointed judges in order to strengthen their knowledge and skills to be effectively applied in corruption cases proceedings.

These efforts also included a series of training sessions for the HACC judges and judges of the Appellate Chamber, their assistants, and court staff on leadership, case management, strategic communications, professional ethics and judicial opinion writing. The strategic planning session organized by our program for the court team resulted in shaping a shared vision of the court’s mission, core values and the authority of the HACC, as well as identifying the goals and tasks of the court and developing an action plan for their accomplishing. USAID has also provided computer equipment and switching facilities to the court to ensure its proper operation.

We are grateful to all our partners for their cooperation in doing this great job. We also wish the High Anti-Corruption Court a success in their activity that is of high importance to Ukraine.