USAID New Justice Program Stakeholders Discussed the Judiciary Monitoring and Evaluation Findings 2019

The USAID New Justice Program held a regular Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting. This advisory group contributes to the identification and verification of the program goal and objectives fulfillment indicators.

During the meeting, the program stakeholders participated in an expert survey on evaluation of the Ukrainian judiciary compliance with the Venice Commission Rule of Law Check List and compared its findings with the similar surveys 2017 and 2018. They also reviewed the findings of the Court Performance Evaluation (CPE) Framework implementation by Ukrainian courts in cooperation with civil society organizations in 2019 based on the examples of Odesa and Volyn oblasts courts.

In addition, the meeting participants compared the results of the all-Ukrainian survey of legal professionals participating in court proceedings, court staff and jurors with the CPE Framework results and provided recommendations for improving the efficiency of the program objectives implementation and achievement of its goals.

The Supreme Court justices and representatives, judges and employees of the High Anti-Corruption Court, representatives of the High Council of Justice, members of the Council of Judges, High Qualifications Commission of Judges, and Public Integrity Council, representatives of the State Judicial Administration, National School of Judges, donor community and civil society organizations that are actively involved in the justice reform attended the Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting.