USAID New Justice Program Supports Non-Government Organizations in Analyzing Case Law of the New Supreme Court

The non-government organizations, The Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research and Lviv Law School, have begun implementation of USAID New Justice Program’s grant projects in studying case law of the new Supreme Court.

The grantees will analyse the decisions the Supreme Court has made since the beginning of its operations for compliance with principles of the European Convention on Human Rights and case law of the European Court of Human Rights as well as from the perspective of case law consistency, quality of decision reasoning, and application of the proportionality principle.

The study under this project aims at improving the quality of the Supreme Court decisions, facilitating the unification of national case law, and harmonizing it with international standards of fair trial. Based on the analysis outcomes, the non-government organizations will prepare reports and recommendations for the Supreme Court justices and National School of Judges concerning training programs for the Supreme Court justices so that the quality of its decisions is improved.