USAID New Justice Program Took Part in USAID Mistechko Activities in Mariupol

The USAID New Justice Program, together with other programs and organizations cooperating with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implementing projects in Donetsk region, presented major areas of its activities at USAID Mistechko as part of the celebration of the City Day in Mariupol.

The Program engaged partners in this event. As part of the “I HAVE A RIGHT!” nationwide legal awareness campaign, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Justice with support from USAID and other international donors, representatives of the Donetsk Oblast Justice Department educated people on the content of their rights and how to protect them. Staff members of the Mariupol Center for Legal Aid provided free legal advice to visitors.

While adults were receiving answers to their legal questions, young visitors of the Program booth were trying the role of real judges in “Spravedlyvtsi” game and learning who is who in the courtroom by participating in the “Familiarization with a court contest”.

Many thanks to Mariupol residents for active participation!