USAID New Justice Program Took Part in USAID Mistechko in Cherkasy

USAID New Justice Program, one of thirteen USAID projects operating in Cherkasy region, presented major areas of its activities in USAID Mistechko as a part of the City Day in Cherkasy.

In the Program’s booth, USAID Mistechko visitors learned more about the Ukrainian judicial system and got educational materials on legal matters. USAID New Justice Program engaged Cherkasy Oblast Justice Department and Cherkasy Center for Legal Aid as partners for those activities. Within the nationwide legal awareness campaign “I HAVE A RIGHT!”, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Justice with USAID and other international donors support, they informed Cherkasy residents about their rights and the way to protect them. The survey data serve a basis for the recommendations the Center is developing to improve courts operation and will monitor implementation thereof.

Cherkasy non-government organization “Center for Social Adaptation” familiarized USAID Mistechko visitors with citizens – court proceedings participants survey results regarding their satisfaction with the quality of the functioning of courts, which was conducted in all courts of Cherkasy region with the support of the USAID New Justice Program. The recommendations developed by the “Center for Social Adaptation” and provided to the courts will help to improve their performance in line with the public expectations.

Traditionally, Children are the most active Mistechko guests. They had an opportunity to do an interesting puzzle by participating in the “Familiarization with a court” contest and to feel themselves like real judges while playing the interactive game” Spravedlyvtsi”. Besides, everyone was able to receive free legal advice from representatives of the local Center for Legal Aid.

We are grateful to Cherkasy residents for hospitality and collaboration.