USAID Supports the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine with developing a Transparent and Efficient Appeal System in the Sphere of Public Procurements

The USAID New Justice Program handed over to the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) the Terms of Reference for implementing a program of electronic complaints and explanations of participants to public procurement procedure and filing them with AMCU through the electronic procurement system. The document is prepared on request and in cooperation with AMCU and representatives from the official public procurement portal ProZorro.

“USAID, across sectors and programs, is proud to support innovative approaches to changing the way that government of Ukraine institutions work to better meet the needs of the public,” said Ann Hopper, Deputy Director of the USAID/Ukraine Office of Democracy and Governance, at the online meetings with the AMCU leadership and representatives.

Ms. Hopper stressed that the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine is an essential partner for USAID in protecting the interests of Ukrainians through providing for transparent, accountable and efficient public procurement processes and making government services more accessible, easy to use, efficient and cost effective.

When implemented by ProZorro, this solution will streamline and speed up the process of filing complaints with AMCU and considering them, make it convenient for users, and reduce the burden on AMCU staff.

In addition, as USAID New Justice Program Chief of Party David Vaugh mentioned, receipt of data in a machine readable form by the AMCU will make it possible to make a detailed analysis of AMCU practices, identify participants’ behavior patterns and react to them appropriately in order to develop a competitive environment in the sphere of public procurements.

AMCU Chair Olga Pischanska expressed her gratitude and emphasized that USAID was the first to support the AMCU ideas of developing and enhancing operation of the appeal body. Thanks to this cooperation, the AMCU is able to implement them on a phased basis. The AMCU is intended to introduce new electronic forms of complaints and explanations as envisaged by the Terms of Reference in the next half year.

The meeting participants discussed areas of further cooperation between the AMCU and USAID New Justice Program. These include conducting an AMCU’s business process analysis, developing additional electronic forms, and implementing of a case management system at the AMCU.

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