Work on the Draft Law on Mediation is Going on

The working group on drafting the Law on Mediation organized by the Ministry of Justice with the support of the USAID New Justice Program held a meeting.

The participants of the meeting, including representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Bar Association, the National Association of Mediators and the scholars, worked out the rules on the functioning of mediation in Ukraine, in particular the status of the mediator, their special training, the registry of mediators, determination of rights and obligations of the parties to mediation, etc.

The draft law will also contain provisions for professional associations of mediators, agreements related to mediation (mediation agreement, mediation contract, agreement upon the outcomes of mediation), the procedure for termination of mediation, as well as proposals for necessary amendments to the procedural codes and other legislative acts of Ukraine.

Legislative regulation of mediation will help to improve access to justice, decrease court workload and accelerate dispute resolution.

The USAID New Justice Program promotes mediation in Ukraine and provides a community of mediators with support for self-regulation of their activities, the development and adoption of a code of ethics, basic training principles, and the preparation of the guidebook “Mediation in Professional Practice”; analysis of the challenges and opportunities of mediation in Ukraine, etc.