The Ministry of Justice is a central state executive body and the main body among the central executive authorities responsible for the implementation of state law policy. In the established manner and within its terms of reference, the Ministry resolves issues arising from the generally accepted norms of international law and the international treaties ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The Ministry of Justice focuses its activities, in particular, on ensuring access of all citizens to justice, simplification of bureaucratic procedures, and enforcement of court judgements and decisions by other authorities (officials), etc.

The Program provides assistance to the Ministry of Justice in the implementation of alternative dispute resolution methods, in particular mediation, facilitates the adjudication enforcement reform and the enforcement of court decisions by individuals and entities. With the assistance of the USAID New Justice Program, the Ministry of Justice implements a nationwide awareness project “I HAVE A RIGHT!”, which aims to inform the Ukrainians about their rights and teach them to defend these rights. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Justiceis involved in organizing training, re-training and advanced trainingfor law professionalsconducted at the educational institutions regardless of their ownership and subordination; provides recommendations on legal staff training; and submits proposals to the relevant education management bodies for the improvement of activities related to law studies in educational institutions.