The National School of Judges of Ukraine (NSJ) is a state institution with a special status in the justice system, which has been established under the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine and provides training of highly skilled personnel for the judiciary, as well as conducts research activities. In particular, the NSJ provides training of candidates for judgeship, as well as basic and advanced training for judges, including those appointed to administrative positions in courts, and court staff. It also conducts surveys on improving the judiciary, status of judges and justice administration, as well as provides methodological guidelines for courts, High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine, and High Council for Justice. In cooperation with the NSJ, the USAID New Justice Program supports the development and updating of curricula for judges, judicial candidates, and court staff on judicial ethics, drafting court judgements, communications, leadership, etc. The Program facilitates activities for teachers to introduce interactive and innovative teaching techniques in order to improve the professional training of judges and court staff. The Program also provides expert and technical assistanceto support the establishment of the NSJ Test Centerand enhancing the knowledge and skills of test designers.