The Public IntegrityCouncil (PIC) was established to assist the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine (HQC) in determining the conformity of judges (candidates for judgeship) with the professional ethics and integrity criteria in the light of qualifications assessment. The PIC provides information to the HQC regarding judges (candidates for judgeship) and, if there are appropriate grounds, the opiniononnon-conformity of a judge (a candidate for judgeship) with the professional ethics and integrity criteria, which is attached to the candidate’s dossier or the judicial dossier. The PIC is made of representatives of human rights communities, academic lawyers, advocatesand journalists who are recognized and highlyreputableprofessionals in their area of activities and meet the political neutrality and integrity criteria. The USAID New Justice Program, in particular, provides expertise and technical support to the Public IntegrityCounciltargeted atthe Council’s institutional building, the implementation of transparent and effective operational procedures, and buildingefficient cooperation with the HQC.