The State Judicial Administration of Ukraine(SJA) is a state body in the justice system that provides organizational and financial support to the judiciary within the scope of its statutory powers. The SJA is accountable to the High Council of Justice and has territorial departmentsthroughout Ukraine.The SJA’s scope of authorityincludes, in particular, examining the practice of organizing the courts operations, development and submission of proposals in the prescribed manner for the improvement of the courts activities organization, providing necessary conditions to ensureadvanced training of court staff, establishment of the advancedtraining system as well as the computerization of courts in order toadminister justice, maintain efficient case management, and ensure information and regulatory provisionsfor courts activities.

The USAID New Justice Program collaborates with the SJA to improve the efficiency of court administration, develop and update curricula for the education and advanced training of court staff on judiciary ethics, management, court financial efficiency and accountability. The Program also provides expert consulting assistance to the Administration aimed atthe SJA’s institutional building and improvement of the organizational support to the courts activities in accordance with the international best practices.