Improving the Administration of Justice

Enhancing the administration of justice is a priority for Ukraine and is an essential element of strengthening the rule of law. The judiciary struggles to address shortcomings in budgetary planning and financial management, human resources, workflow processes, case management and court automation and enforcement of judgments, and needs to secure the resources necessary to administer an efficient, modern, and transparent court system. To enhance the administration of justice, Ukraine’s judicial institutions need to apply innovative quality management principles, assess business processes and improve operations’ efficiency, especially regarding the courts’ case management system, data processing, budget formulation and further the professional development of judges and court staff. High quality administration of justice increases public trust to the whole justice system in Ukraine.

The USAID New Justice Program supports efforts to streamline and improve judicial administration policies and standard operating procedures, including in areas of budgeting and financial management. It also supports strengthening human resources practices and raising the qualifications and professional competencies of judges, judicial assistants, court administrators, and other judicial personnel. In addition, the program assists in enhancing mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism and in improving the system for enforcing judicial decisions in civil and administrative cases through private enforcement agents.