Raising the Quality of Legal Education to Meet the Professional Requirements of the Judiciary

Quality legal education is a fundamental prerequisite for a well-functioning legal profession and the rule of law. At present however, legal education in Ukraine does not equip students with the solid legal knowledge, soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and compassion, or the professional values such as respect for the rule of law, integrity, zero tolerance for corruption and conflict of interest, loyalty to clients, and non-discrimination, especially with respect to gender equality, which are required in today’s job market.

Ukraine’s legal education system lacks comprehensive quality assurance mechanisms and even minimal standards for legal education and accreditation. Addressing these challenges, the USAID New Justice Program builds on the effective relationships established with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and Science, leading law schools, bar associations, and law student associations under the previous USAID FAIR Justice Project and enhances cooperation and coordination among stakeholders to achieve comprehensive legal education reform. This entails the development of the national legal education reform strategy and standards for legal education and accreditation, quality assurance frameworks, admissions testing, and improvements to teaching modalities and practice-bases learning.

Brochure “USAID Efforts to Support Legal Education Reform in Ukraine”

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