The Digital Lawyers Series will Familiarize Ukrainians with Digital Tools in the Sphere of Law

The Ministry of Digital Transformation, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science and with support from the USAID New Justice Program and OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, has developed the new educational series titled “Digital Lawyers” for Дія.Цифрова освіта.

The series familiarizes the audience with innovative technical services in the sphere of law, tells about legal professions of the future, addresses issues of algorithms in law, chat bots, blockchain and smart contracts technologies, gives examples of applying them in legal practice, and hints you how to find your own business angel and access other resources for legal startups.

The educational course consists of four 5 to 8 minute long episodes. Each episode is followed by a test. There is also a final test. Everyone who passes it will receive a certificate.

You may watch the series here.